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Painting for TV show SUITS

SUITS, an American legal drama television series set in New York city and shot in Toronto, has commissioned a custom painting for their set, specifically for the office of Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams).

The painting, “Living City #106”, is based on my ongoing Living City series, is a 48×48 Acrylic & Resin on Panel. It was fun to do, and fun to watch pop up again and again on Suits throughout Season 4 and now Season 5. Mike Ross is a top tier character on the show, I am pleased to see it support the room and translate so well.


  • I love your painting in Mike Ross’ office.


  • Do you sell prints of this painting? Living City Series #106?

    Alane Wafford
  • Dear Matt, I absolutely love the pairing you did for Suits and am interested to know if you have anything similar in design and color that is available. Or if you could do something similar. Thank you, Colleen

    Colleen Borts
  • Is this painting available for purchase?

    Thank you,

    Colleen B.

    Colleen Marie Borts

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