Dear good friend

Dear good friend


Dear good friend,

     Today was your big surgery.  As it was happening I found myself wondering if you would pull through.  I  began to think about the many things we’d been through, the crazy brainstorming sessions, successful projects, failed ones, and of course many shelved ones.  The potential always seemed endless.

     You always knew how to get my creativity going, I owe so much of what I’ve learned to you.  I can’t imagine what the past few years would have been like without you. Even when we banged heads, somehow we always seemed to come out stronger.

     Now, as your body and your system is starting to fail, I can’t help but to think about what happens next.  It’s a heavy thought that has been creeping in repeatedly, every day as you continue to deteriorate.  I shrug it off.  I shrug it off but the thought lasts a little longer each time.  Who could possibly replace the ways in which you continue to enrich my life on a daily basis?  I know I will have to move on, and as exciting as that is, I will still look back fondly on our memories.  Most of them anyway.

     Not the time that you thought it would be a good idea to turn on your user login password function without asking me first, did I piss you off so badly that day that you had to lock me out?  It took me forever to break that window to get back in.  Or the time that you decided that you would switch to French-Canadian keyboard and wouldn’t budge on going back.  You knew I barely passed French in highschool why did you have to be such a dick about it?  That’s really why you are missing one of your CTRL keys now, despite that fact that you want to blame me for that.  I had to press it like 1359 times with ALT & SHIFT or some shit to get it to revert back to english, do you know how frustrating that is?  Of course not.  Or what about when you revoked my rights to use your DVD burner the day I had to make a disc to submit images for a show?  You couldn’t have given me more warning than that?  I hardly EVER burn discs, WTF man?  I had to borrow a friends machine which took more time, and I barely made the deadline, just to have you conveniently decide the very next day that your burner was working again after all.  I’m starting to think maybe this is your time to let go.

     OK OK that’s the last thing you need right now.  I’m sorry.  Stay strong.  There is still more life in store for you yet.  Consider all that you have been through and yet you are still alive.  Your right trackpad button only works 1 in 10 presses, your battery is long gone, your DVD burner fried, your missing CTRL key, your once beautiful white casing permanent filthy, your screen with a vertical red line through its left side, your entire Vista system hanging on for dear life, and now, after this open chest surgery, your power adapter is permanently wired straight into your back.  Man, that is impressive, you are one strong bastard.

     Thank you for being there for me over the years.  I can only hope for that kind of relationship again.  That kind of longevity.  Then again I got what I paid for, isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?  Whatever.  Later