A Letter to my Son on his First Birthday

A Letter to my Son on his First Birthday


My son,

     Today is your first birthday. As I look down at you snoozing in my lap, I am amazed at how fast we got here together. I fall in love with you deeper and deeper each and every day.

     It was one year ago that we first met. I remember how little you were, and how after a big loud first breath (scream), you quietly nuzzled in with mommy when the mid-wife placed you there. When you cried it made mommy cry, because she had waited so long to hear that sound. We were so happy you were here.

     It’s hard to to describe the things we would feel over the next few weeks. You had a whirlwind of firsts, your first milk smile, first chuckle, first song (howling with daddy like a wolf), first roll-over, so many things. And now, we cheer for you as you take your first steps, our walking little boy. At 24lbs you are waving, singing, clapping, laughing – it seems like every day something new. We love you so much it’s kind of crazy.

     Now, we enter a new chapter – mommy is going back to work, and you will make new friends outside our circles as you start daycare. It breaks our hearts to know sometimes we will be without you when you carry on with your discoveries and joys in life, and to be unable to scoop you up when you are hurt or afraid. But, this is life. We have new purpose in our work now; we will work hard to help make sure we have all the things all three of us need to grow and be happy together. You will continue your journey of confidence as you spend more time in the big world, and we will look forward to seeing you when we pick you up, to hear all about the wonderful things out there we can so easily forget to notice. So many adventures await you.

     You have grown into such an amazing little dude already. I see your imagination starting to take you around the room in new ways as you play. I know in my heart there are big things ahead for you. You are the best. The best. Keep rockin son.



July 21st, 2012.